A global leader in improving working capital management

REL, a division of The Hackett Group, is a global working capital management consultancy dedicated to delivering sustainable working capital and cash flow improvement across business operations. Through our hands-on approach, analytical rigor and collaborative working style, we have helped our clients – many of the world's leading organizations – deliver billions in cash while improving service delivery and reducing operating cost and business risks. In turn, these results have helped our clients to produce the liquidity necessary to fund acquisitions, product development, debt reduction, share buy-back and other strategic initiatives.

We focus on critical process transformation

We focus on three critical end-to-end processes that impact working capital management and cash flow management. Our well-honed working capital management approach identifies sustainable ways to improve:

We maintain a diverse team of experienced working capital management specialists We pride ourselves on maintaining a diverse workforce of talented people with global cultural experience and operational expertise. Our consultants are accomplished professionals who bring exceptional track records of success in all areas impacting cash flow management. We invest continuously in their development through training and global knowledge sharing.

Our clients enjoy working with us

Clients value our experience, as well as our pragmatic, congenial working style that helps them build wide acceptance for changes necessary to maximize results and accelerate return on investment. Read what some of our clients have to say about working with REL.

Our projects deliver quantifiable working capital and cash flow improvement

All of our working capital management projects deliver quantifiable payback – typically a 3:1 return on investment – and are self-funding within the first year. Read about the work we have done to influence working capital performance in more than 60 countries and in diverse industries.

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REL showed the disciplines and maturity to "run with the ball" and we admired the way REL pushed back when needed to and kept the momentum going in a difficult and complex situation.

RR Donnelley