2016 Europe Working Capital Survey 2016 Europe Working Capital Survey: Working Capital Performance of Top European Companies
European companies posted a 1.7% improvement in their cash conversion cycle (CCC) last year as both receivables and payables improved. Download

2016 US Working Capital Survey 2016 US Working Capital Survey: Working Capital Performance of Top US Companies
The 2016 US Working Capital Survey identified some possibly worrisome signs of deteriorating working capital performance. Download

Working capital capabilities: How do you compare?

Working capital or cash flow performance is often seen as a measure of a company's operating health. Test your organization's working capital capabilities and find out how to make permanent improvements in your processes. Download

Achieving Working Capital Maturity: Secrets of the Champions

The 2015 Working Capital Survey of the top 1000 companies in North America and Europe found that a significant number of these companies waste 15% or more of their EBIT through inefficient working capital management. Download

The State of Source-to-settle Operational Excellence

US state agencies have $1.1 trillion of debt; source-to-settle operational improvements can restore budget bliss. Download

REL in the Press

Financial Times, "Europe's largest 1,000 groups turn focus to tackling working capital Industrials,"

A majority of the largest 1,000 European companies have improved their efficient use of working capital over the past year, suggesting the importance of cash as a strategic objective remains high up their agenda.

July 25, 2016

Supply & Demand Chain Exec, "Largest U.S. Companies Take on More Debt, Ignore Working Capital Performance Improvements,"

The largest public companies in the U.S. chose to go even further into debt in 2015 instead of driving cash out of their businesses by improving how they collect from customers...

July 22, 2016

CFO, "Over a Barrel,"

Working capital performance among America's largest companies took a turn for the worse in 2015. After three years of stability, the cash conversion cycle – the amount of time that cash is tied up in working capital...

July 14, 2016

   I was very pleased to have a team of such professional people working with me; they looked to identify and resolve issues from day one. REL are extremely professional and dedicated to delivering quality work.   
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company
   We were impressed with the people of REL; impressed with how they explained the various concepts involved, their emphasis on knowledge transfer, and their collaborative, team-oriented approach. REL proposed an approach that involved Cytec in every aspect of the effort, rather than doing everything with Cytec personnel watching.   
Cytec Industries Inc.
   REL provided both an independent viewpoint and consistent approach - the same people were involved in both phases. The reporting was simple, basic and useful. I like that REL is a small, niche consultancy - they are experts. The differentiator (to other consultancies) is the personal approach that REL provides.   
Heineken Italia S.p.A
   With the pragmatic approach the REL consultants got to the heart of each process and introduced some real hand-on tools and solutions to improve communication on and execution of key-processes in NWC-management supporting change of mindset across management.   
Arcadis NV
   REL brings in good professionals, who roll up their sleeves and start working with local teams to make things happen. They have a hands-on mentality and a no-nonsense approach. They are not like typical consultants who only give you plans to follow.   
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The Working Capitalist - Spring 2016The Working Capitalist - Spring 2016 – Working capital or cash flow performance is often seen as a measure of a company's operating health. This issue of The Working Capitalist will help you evaluate and improve the health of your working capital capabilities, with special emphasis on making the cash collections process more effective and contracting sensibly to enable strong cash flow.


REL, a division of The Hackett Group, has helped many of the world's leading businesses release billions through sustainable working capital improvements. REL focuses on three critical end-to-end processes: inventory management, accounts receivable and accounts payable to increase cash flow and service performance while reducing costs and business risks.
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