Cash Flow Delivered

Our clients span across multiple industries, sectors and geographies. In the past ten years alone, REL has implemented more than $25 billion in working capital improvements for our clients. Browse selected case studies by industry.

Aerospace and Defense

Cash flow improvement to fund future product development

An aerospace and defense company achieved €800 million of cash to fund future product development by improving its source-to-settle and customer-to-cash processes. Read More

Squeezing cash from payables

A global aerospace corporation faced high incidents of late payment across the business, and it lacked reporting to identify the causes of late payment. By improving its handling of supplier payments, the company reduced its working capital by €67M while also reducing disputed invoices by 50%. Read More

Automobile Manufactures

Cash flow improvement and improved debt capacity

A major U.S. auto manufacturer reduced its working capital by over $830M in just four months by renegotiating supplier payment terms and streamlining related working capital processes. Read More

Working capital improvement and increased agility

By improving handling of supplier payments, an automobile manufacturer was able to boost working capital performance. Achieving this improvement was critical in its attempt to reverse the company trend. Read More

Building Products

Reducing working capital through inventory reduction

A building products producer reduced working capital from 25% to 20% in just 15 months, with benefits delivered primarily through an inventory reduction program. Read More


Improve working capital to meet private equity financial needs

The diverse nature of a global specialty chemical company's business meant that activities to reduce working capital had not been given insufficient priority within its local operating companies – that is, until improving working capital management became critical to meeting private equity financing needs. Read More

Electrical Components

Meeting financial markets' expectations through working capital improvement

A leading provider of cable solutions met financial markets' expectations by reducing its working capital by 27%. This working capital improvement initiative contributed to a 20% increase in the company's stock price. Read More

Food, Beverage & Tobacco

Major tobacco company delivers 11% of benefits

Pilot implementation of an inventory reduction program produced 11% of full potential benefits for a major tobacco company in just three months. Read More

Royal FrieslandCampina targets $285 million in cash-flow generation through working capital improvements

Royal FrieslandCampina, a multinational dairy company, generated $285 million in additional cash flow by implementing world-class working capital performance processes. Read UK Version  |  Read US Version


A 'quick wins' program reduces working capital by €1.29 billion

A global, research-based group active in life sciences, polymers and chemicals reduced working capital by €1.29B in three months through a "quick wins" program focused on inventory and accounts receivable. Read More

Specialty Chemicals

Cytec Industries reduces working capital by nearly 40% to fund future growth

Cytec Industries Inc. is a global specialty chemicals and materials company with operations in more than 36 countries, focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-added products. As a result of the economic downturn in 2009, Cytec needed to amend its bank facility covenants and wanted to refinance senior debt due in 2010. The pressure was on to demonstrate to the capital markets that Cytec could continue to generate cash through the downturn in the business cycle.. Read More

Hexion reduces inventory by 16% within four months and strengthens capabilities to sustain results

Hexion Specialty Chemicals is the world's largest producer of binder, adhesive, coating and ink resins for industrial applications. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Hexion employs approximately 6,200 people globally and serves customers in most world markets. Read More

Worldwide receivables improvement program in a multicultural environment

A global specialty chemicals company achieved 18% reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO) through a worldwide receivables improvement program. Read More

Utilities - Electrical

Customer-to-cash cycle improvement

A leading utility company was facing poor controls across the customer-to-cash processes, leading to more than 40% overdue accounts receivable. Through customer-to-cash process improvements, the company reduced accounts receivable by €600M. Read More

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