Sales Cycle and Accounts Receivable

Secrets of Success: Achieving Working Capital Maturity

First-rate working capital management skills are not easy to achieve. The 2015 Working Capital Survey of the top 1,000 companies in North America and Europe found that only 1% of companies have achieved improvements in cash conversion cycle (CCC) – a key measure of working capital performance – for the last three years in succession.

Maximizing Your Customer Profitability

Understanding your customer profitability and differentiating and aligning your organization strategy, processes and services can maximize the profitability of all relationships, and in turn, maximize overall profit.

Buried Treasure

Uncover cash from your accounts receivable process, prevent bad debts, reduce billing errors, and minimize payment disputes.

Dynamic Credit Risk Management: Key Enabler of Profitable Sales

The underlying philosophy of the credit department is always to set the right balance between minimizing bad debt losses and enabling profitable sales. A dynamic credit risk management is key to solve this problem. Find out more about dynamic credit risk management, definition, key components, how to implement and manage such program.

REL provides intelligence and insight on how companies can achieve corporate ambition through the liberation of cash. We are dedicated to providing senior executives with fact-based performance metrics and best practices through proprietary research publications. Executives realize that in a volatile era, there is no substitute for cash. No matter how much revenue you recognize or how many assets you have on your books, the simple and enduring truth is that the only enterprises that survive are those that generate enough cash to keep their operations running.