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Through our annual working capital management research and repository of fact-based performance metrics, benchmarking data and best practices, we provide insight that can help you achieve corporate goals by liberating cash. Download and read our research publications about managing and improving accounts payable and the source-to-settle (S2S) process.

Five Key Benefits of Electronic Invoicing

Key benefits of the electronic invoicing and guidance on making the case for implementing a fully automated invoicing system.

Analysing Indirect Spend: The Direct Way to Increase Your Profits and Your Success

Cutting costs has become a permanent mandate for most organizations. Even though the indirect spend has a key role in the financial health of the companies, it is often neglected and unprofessionally managed.

Boardroom Wth a View

How to gain a 360 view of the supplier base to streamline your procurement system.

Top Ten Questions Every Chief Procurement Officer Should Ask

Quantify and maximize the savings opportunity that exists in your organisation by answering these top 10 questions.

Flush With Cash: Putting Your Cash Reserves to Work in Procure-to-pay

U.S. companies now sit on cash reserves of about $2 trillion. With money markets generating limited returns, one of the best investments around is using that cash to drive better purchasing and payment practices through alternative solutions such as purchasing cards, early payment discounts and supply chain financing.

The State of Source-to-settle Operational Excellence

Overall debt generated by the 50 states in U.S. has increased 10% from 2008 to 2011 from $1 trillion to $1.1 trillion. Four states are the largest contributors to this increase, while six others managed to decrease their amount of debt.

Source-to-settle Process: Generate Sustainable Cash by Improving Compliance

Generate quick and sustainable cash enhancement in the organization by following the 5 key steps to improving the level of compliance in source-to-settle (S2S).

From Source-to-settle: Freeing Cash from Accounts Payable

Releasing cash from your accounts payable requires more than managing cost savings or completing audit actions. It demands a clear understanding of where the money goes, a holistic review of your entire S2S process, a re-engineering of that process, and finally, the creation of a new set of metrics that ensures the process continues to function at a high level and even improve.

Top 5 Mistakes When Extending Supplier Payment Terms

In response to the challenging economy, many companies are extending supplier payment terms. However, if done incorrectly, this action can cause more problems than it solves. Learn the top five mistakes that companies tend to make.

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