At a first glance, cash collection seems to be an external problem - the company versus a world of deadbeats. However a backlog of receivables is really the result of internal processes that need to be optimised. Asking how to prevent bad debts, reduce billing errors, and minimising payment disputes is much more promising than asking what it will take to get a particular customer to send a cheque.

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  • Optimise your customer-to-cash cycle and achieve lasting gains for the company
  • Gain a thorough understanding of how and when cash flows from the client to the company
  • Design a streamline system that will best optimise these cash flows
  • Strategic implications for your organisation

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REL, a division of The Hackett Group, Inc. is a world-leading consulting firm dedicated to delivering sustainable cash flow improvement from working capital and across business operations. REL's tailored solutions balance client trade-offs between working capital, operating costs, service performance and risk. REL's expertise has helped clients free up billions of dollars in cash, creating the financial freedom to fund acquisitions, product development, debt reduction and share buy-back programs. In-depth process expertise, analytical rigor and collaborative client relationships enable REL to deliver an exceptional return on investment in a short timeframe. REL has delivered work in over 60 countries for Fortune 500 and global Fortune 500 companies.

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